Aquas good will: “I will support you be it stormy or still!”

Aquas good will: "I will support you be it stormy or still!"



Toyota Noah


New Zealand






1 Berth

Belted Seats


Vehicle Description

Aqua and me have been on the most crazy roadtrip through New Zealand the last 5 months, with many adventures. He has become my home and provided me with comfort in the good times and the bad. The spacious double bed and very comfortable foam mattress allows you to really get a goodnights sleep. Together with a large blanket, 0 degree sleeping bag and unique fairy lights array you will feel extra cozy during cold nights. Underneath the bed you will find heaps of space to store your NZ souvenirs and personal items from home. Aqua even comes with a fully equipped kitchen that includes a sink, 2 gas cookers, a spice cabinet, oils, cooking utensils and dishwashing equipment. The toilet has been incorporated in a very accessible way just underneath the kitchen and (should you ever use it), will deliver you some amazing views :). On rainy days, life inside the van could not be better, as I have included a range of travel books and some felt tip markers for drawing. As him and I have grown to be very close, I have taken extra good care of him, replacing parts like the battery and alternator, and checking up on his fluid levels regularly, which is showcased by his impeccable driving performance.

Some imperfections/damages are listed below: Lock on drivers-side does not work, so car must be locked from passengers side, few scratches and one dent on the front right side of vehicle, broken plastics around vent and dashboard, sliding door on the left side only opens from the outside.

Vehicle Details

Build Type
Self Build
Engine Capacity

Vehicle Dimensions










Vehicle Weight

Max. Vehicle Weight
Unladen Weight
April 2024
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