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VanLife Adventure is the number one campervan website covering a comprehensive array of choices for over 636,000* annual website visitors.  We have the number one Google, Yahoo & Bing ranking for the majority of searches across all major keywords.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no set timeframe on how fast your campervan may sell. However, here are a few tips we have noticed that help sell a campervan quicker.

Photos, photos & more….photos!

It may sound obvious – but taking good-quality photos can have a huge impact on the time it takes to sell your campervan. Adverts with good photos sell 3x faster

Furthermore, campervans that sell the quickest tend to have a detailed listing description.
When creating your listing, it is paramount you include as much information as you can.

Details such as vehicle dimensions, gross vehicle weight, what type of class of your vehicle all help when adding this information to your listing.

The more information a reader has, the greater the chances you will have a quick sale.

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Although this directory is made for campervans, you can list any vehicle that the user can sleep &/or cook inside.

This can be a horse box, a micro campervan, a van with windows etc.


Once your campervan listing is live, simply head over to the My Campervan section on your User Dashboard. From there, simply click edit on the campervan you would like to edit, and make the relevant changes.

Please note, due to the way this website is cached, your updated information will take around 1 hour to come into effect. If you have any issues updating your listing, please contact us directly.

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Once live, we welcome you to share it your listing in our Facebook groups. This is an exclusive feature for listings on VanLife Adventure only. 

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