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Introducing MyBespokeMattress, specialists in customised sleep solutions for campervan and motorhome enthusiasts. Based in the West Midlands and serving the UK, they’re committed to providing the ultimate sleep experience for life on the move.

MyBespokeMattress offers custom-made mattresses specifically designed for campervans, motorhomes, and boats. Choose from pocket springs, foam, or memory foam to ensure the perfect sleep while on the road. They create mattresses of any size and shape, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your mobile home.

Beyond mattresses, MyBespokeMattress provides a selection of bedding products, including pillows, mattress toppers, and duvets, all designed to enhance your sleep experience. They’re not just about selling mattresses; they’re about understanding your unique needs and offering personalised advice for a good night’s sleep wherever your adventures take you.

Choose MyBespokeMattress for your next road trip and enjoy comfort on the go.


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Business Information

Unit 5 Imex Business Park, Flaxley Road
Stechford, Birmingham
West Midlands
B33 9AL
United Kingdom
May - 1987

Business Services

Furniture ServicesUpholstery Services

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