What is it about vans with big chunky tyres? And why do they look so cool? And yeah, we know this is just a concept, but we have to admit, we were pretty blown away when we first discovered this adventure van render!

This creation is brought to you by London based designer Yasid Oozeear. While he usually spends his time creating works of art on imports and supercars, he decided to go in the opposite direction when it came to designing this absolute behemoth. Based on a 1983 GMC Vandura, the rightly named ADVandura has been given the full treatment when it comes to off-road survival. This includes upgraded suspension, an all-round lift, ultra-beefy all-terrain tyres and finished off with an impressive paint job. Step to the front of the van, and you’ll also notice a custom bumper with an integrated winch, plus the addition of tow hooks. You know, should you get stuck while driving up a mountain. Sitting on the roof is a powerful eight-unit LED light bar that would be more than capable of lighting up the trail ahead. Inside, the van boasts an internal roll-cage for added safety with the addition of red leather seating.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to see more concept art by Yasid, make sure to check out his Instagram below.

GMC Vandura Concept Van

GMC Vandura Concept Van GMC Vandura Concept Van

GMC Vandura Concept Van
Photos via Yasiddesign
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