2000 Ford Econoline E-350 Super Extended V10








2000 Ford Econoline E-350 Super Extended V10

2000 -
Ford Econoline 350 Ext
Fort Collins -

Campervan Description

2000 Ford Econoline E-350 Super EXT V10 van with approx. 118,000 miles. Rear wheel drive.

About the build and what is included: We stripped entire inside of van, the previous owner had it partially built. It is insulated with rock wool and 1/2in Rmax foam board in windows and floor. The ceiling and some of the walls are insulated with recycled jean from previous owner (we left it but added the additional insulation). The ceiling has six 12v 2.6 watt lights and a high performance RV Attic Fan/ Model HPV 900 three speed fan. These are hooked up to two 100 watt Renogy solar panels, part of the Renogy Rover 20A/40A system. Two 12volt plugs are also hooked to the Renogy. The Renogy solar stores power to the battery under the van. The bed is in between full and queen sized (cut it down to fit the space). There is a lot of storage space under bed and next to bed. It comes with a dometic fridge/freezer included which is in great condition. You can plug in into the rear 12 volt pugs and it pulls power from solar panel system so you dont kill the main battery. There is “kitchen” space which is recycled cabinets (from the previous owner.) All windows (that are exposed from inside) have removable insulation. the door windows and large window behind the drivers side open for ventilation. The roof has Yakima round bars with solar panel system mounted to them, extra space to add a roof box or other accessories. There is a 2 inch hitch receiver on the back. When we were building this out, we really wanted to go as ecofriendly as possible so we reused a lot of the previous owners stuff.

What it needs: The spark plugs need to be replaced and rear differential is leaking but not affecting the vehicle. The battery under hood in great condition, however second battery under van needs to be replaced. Additionally, one of the axel seals was leaking when we bought it, we had it fixed but the parts came with both sides of the van, so we have the part in case the other side ever needs to be replaced. Otherwise based on two different mechanics (one from Ford and the mechanic we see for all of our vehicles), the van is in great condition with low miles. It hasn’t missed an oil change and I keep up on its regular maintenance. I have all of the completed maintenance paperwork that was done after purchase as well as some of the documents from the previous owner.

It will also include a 5 gallon shower system (to be used outside of the van), 7 gallon reliance water jug, four 5 gallon water jugs, storage bins under bed (in pictures), small two head/two speed fan (also in pictures), and a luggable loo (if you want, its in great condition). Additionally, one of the axel seals was leaking when we bought it, we had it fixed but the parts came with both sides of the van, so we have the part in case the other side ever needs to be replaced.

This van seriously runs great! It has been out to New York and back to Colorado and travelled to many places and been on many adventures.

Gas Safety Certificate

Not Applicable

Electrical Safety Certificate

Not Applicable

Key Details
Belted Seats
Vehicle Details
Van With Windows
Conversion Type
Campervan Type
Off Grid
Vehicle Size
Extra Large
Fuel Type
Engine Capacity
3900 (cc)
MOT / Inspection
Not Present
Previous Owners
Van Width
Not Provided
Van Height
Not Provided
Van Length
Not Provided
Total Gross Weight
Not Provided

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