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Check Out Citroen's Cool 4x4 Concept Camper Van! - VanLife Adventure
Check out Citroen’s Cool 4×4 Citreonist Camper Van Concept

Campervan / Check out Citroen’s Cool 4×4 Citreonist Camper Van Concept

As Citroen gear up to celebrate 100 years of redefining the automobile world, they continue to think about what comes next. Right now, their focus is on supporting the flexible lifestyles much lead by combining the traditional mobility of vehicles with the modern connectivity people demand.

The Citroenist concept camper van aims to do just that, offering digital nomads a mobile working space and an apartment for two that can travel as and when needed.

Check out Citroen's Cool 4x4 Citreonist Camper Van Concept Drawing

The camper van drivers of today are a far cry from the hippies of the past. They are more like a free-moving working staff. With plenty of remote working opportunities and the ability to connect to the internet from every coffee shop, living out of a camper van doesn’t mean having to forego steady work anymore. Instead, camper vans these days blend work and travel into a single, seamless lifestyle.

The downside is that camper vans are still designed for driving and living, and not necessarily for work. Trying to get work done in a camper van is a fast way to get fired.

Check out Citroen's Cool 4x4 Citreonist Camper Van Concept

A 21st Century Camper van for a 21st Century Person?

Citroen is using the Citroenist concept to explore how customized vans can be both a simple camper van and a way of doing business. The concept combines a digital workspace with accommodations and the ability to travel to and from city centres.

Everything for the weekend + more!

The Citroenist is similar to many other small camper vans – at least on the outside. It comes with a pop-up roof and an outdoor shower. The basic equipment for the van includes a Dangel all-wheel drive and driver assistance tools like active safety breaks and a colour heads-up display.

Check out Citroen's Cool 4x4 Citreonist Camper Van Concept

It’s on the inside where the Citreonist truly shines. The typical kitchen block found in camper vans is now a modular connected office/multimedia area. The system has computer hardware inside the cabinet as well as a flat-panel TV built into the top of the cabinet.


The front seats swivel to combine with the rear seats to establish a living-room style space around this TV. The multimedia system built into the van comes with a ‘Click and Share’ feature so users can quickly share their content with the world. The table can be removed to create additional work and dining space, and the TV lowers into the console for a flush worktop.

Check out Citroen's Cool 4x4 Citreonist Camper Van Concept

There’s no doubt the Citreonist is a camper van at heart, but there are sure to be some spaces that it can’t pass through. That’s why it comes with a bicycle that has a similar design to the van, known as Rider The Citroenist.

Check out Citroen's Cool 4x4 Citreonist Camper Van Concept and Bicycle.

It’s surprising that they didn’t go for an electric bike, choosing instead to have a single-speed bike that matches the van perfectly in terms of look. Created with the help of the bike company Martone, the bike completes the dual-mode transportation concept when kept in the carrier mounted by the rear seats. There is space in the camper for two bikes, so feel free to store your own as well.

Citreonist Camper Van Concept parked by the beach.

The Citroenist was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show and is a clear sign that Citroen plans on increasing their position as one of the leading motorhome suppliers in Europe. The company grew 71% last year with a market share of over 10%.

Check out Citroen's Cool 4x4 Citreonist Camper Van Concept

The Citroenist has a unique concept. Some people would prefer it if there was a second sleeping berth in the cabin instead of the bicycle carrier, and would perhaps prefer a kitchen instead of – or alongside – the mobile office. We’re not sure this is one that will get past the concept stage. The bicycle by Martone, at least, did go up for order and can be purchased separately. There’s a range of other Citroenist merchandise too, including jackets and mugs.



We this concept is really going to fit with our modern connected lives but do you think campervans in the future may lose their sense of free spirit by bringing the workplace back into the camper van?

Let us know you’re thoughts below!

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