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Avtoros Shaman: The 4x4 Campervan For The End Of The World | VanLife Adventure
Avtoros Shaman: The 4×4 Campervan for the End of the World

Campervan / Avtoros Shaman: The 4×4 Campervan for the End of the World

If you’ve ever had dreams of going off-grid when the apocalypse finally happens, this van slash truck slash tank is the way to do it. This 4×4 campervan is built like a tank which could easily withstand a hoard of zombies.

The 8 low-pressure monster wheels can easily take on snow, marsh, mud, shallow streams, and more. And with front, rear, and side steering, you’ll never have to be worried about getting stuck in a snow-drift in this beast. But it’s not just land that this 4×4 campervan can traverse with gazelle-like ease, steer into the water and it becomes an amphibious vehicle with water speeds up to 4.3 mph. This is thanks to the pumps capable of pumping 200 litres of water per minute.

Never again will the perfect camp spot be just out of reach on the other side of a stream. But get ready for some shocked looks from other drivers when you start off-roading into a nearby lake.

The inside of this 4×4 campervan isn’t your typical conversion interior, but would you expect anything less from an armoured tank like this one? There is no full-length bed, but the benches fold down and the floor is spacious enough to give plenty of space for sleeping. And the high-spec air conditioning system keeps the interior temperature comfortable no matter what the weather. The captain’s chair in the Avtoros Shaman looks like it belongs in a fighter jet with its intelligent control panel and radio set up. So get ready to spend some time reading the manual before you set off to make the most of the controls.

Though this 4×4 campervan isn’t the typical choice for most vanlifers, it certainly looks like it would be insanely fun to cruise along in. And with the way the world is looking, a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t be that shocking so maybe this is exactly what we need!

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