Top 7 Security Items To Keep Your Campervan Safe | Campervan Security

Top 7 Security Items To Keep Your Campervan Safe | Campervan Security

The number of vehicles stolen in the UK has almost doubled in the last 5 years, and late 2020 saw a massive rise in campervan thefts following Covid restrictions lifting. Campervan security is paramount! Here's our top 7 campervan security devices to help keep your campervan or motorhome safe.
campervan security devices

In this article, we look at campervan security.

The yearly rate of thefts involving vans, campervans and derivatives in the UK could rise to over 20,000 vans by 2030, claims The insurance comparison site predicts that 12,000 vans will be stolen in 2022, which is a rise of 169% over the last five years. 2021/22 figures are yet to be released.

The research, based on information from Logistics UK and, has also revealed which regions of the country have the highest levels of van theft, and which vans are most commonly stolen.

Here’s the top 10 according to this research, ranked by annual thefts:

 RegionThefts in
Thefts in
Thefts in
1Greater London1,5042,2323,827
2East Midlands188280479
3Yorkshire and Humberside145215368
4North West England112166284
5South East England110163280
6East England104154263
8South West England6596164
9West Midlands6190154
10North England5987149


Which vans are most likely to be stolen?  

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the most stolen van in the UK, with the 313 CDI and 314 CDI models ranking one and two in the most stolen chart for 2019.

Collectively 2,595 of them were stolen that year. reckons that this trend will continue, and predicts that this figure will rise to 2,928 in 2022.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of various models of Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom. Not the biggest surprise, as these are typically the bestselling vans in the UK as well, so there are more of them on the road to fall victim to crime. With more campers being stolen than ever before, what can you do to try and stop, or at least slow down the thieves? Read on to see our top 7 security devices.

campervan security
Thatcham Accredited

Security Alarm

Having an industry standard alarm, (Thatcham Accredited) for your campervan or motorhome, is absolutely essential for your security. Your vehicle should come with a factory-fitted alarm but adding an accredited aftermarket system will deter would-be thieves from targetting your campervan.

There are many different budgets catered for so finding one to suit your pocket won’t be hard. Trackers are covered in another article on the website.

Campervan Security


Adding deadlocks to all your campervan doors is a good way to stop thieves from getting into your van. You lock the camper with the main key fob, then use a separate key to engage the deadlock, as you would with your house. It’s ideal to use when you’re not in the van, even if you’re just out for a walk in a beauty spot. Deadlocks are effective and add an extra layer of security. Check out Midlands Van Security, our verified business for van security:

Campervan security
Steering wheel lock

Steering Wheel Locks

Anti-theft steering wheel locks make a good visual deterrent to the casual thief. A good quality steering lock is hard for thieves to remove quietly. It will take you less than a minute to attach or remove using the key. A small price to pay for such a visible deterrent. There are several types:

  • Original style steering lock – a bar – attached by hooks.
  • Steering wheel to pedal bar – this stops the thief from steering or releasing the brake pedal.
  • Enclosed lock – a hard shell that fits over the steering wheel. Effective, but bulky to store when not in use.

Some steering locks have flashing lights or an alarm as an extra deterrent.

Campervan security
Pedal lock

Pedal Box Lock

The pedal box lock is fast becoming the top manual device for securing your campervan. A thick steel box is placed around your pedals and locked with a puck-style lock. The positioning makes it awkward to remove without the key and noisy too as it will have to be cut off. The box prevents the pedals from being operated while in place.

Security Ground Post

If your campervan or motorhome spends a lot of time on your driveway then it will gain attention from would-be thieves. An excellent way of preventing theft is to install a security post. This is inserted into the ground behind the campervan where a physical obstruction is at the other end or two posts are used, one at each end. They are set into concrete and once a padlock is removed it is either laid flat or pulled out of the ground. Security posts are an effective security device, noisy and timely to remove and inexpensive to buy and install.

Campervan security
Wheel clamp

Wheel Clamp

Wheel clamps work in different ways. They will prevent your campervan from being towed away and also from being driven. However, cheap ones are easy to remove with no tools so it’s best to invest in a high-end product. They are a bit big and cumbersome for daily use but an excellent deterrent nonetheless as they are noisy to remove and the vehicle is immobilised with it in situ.  

Campervan security
Window security film

Security Window Film

This makes it harder to smash the campervan windows, even with a brick or hammer. It’s an easy and effective way to stop casual thieves from breaking in. It increases the time to enter and makes more noise than a thief would like, thus attracting attention. Security window film works excellently in conjunction with door deadlocks.

Has someone tried to steal your campervan? Let us know how you stopped them below.

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