TruTrak FMT100 Asset Tracker

TruTrak FMT100 Asset Tracker

A review by a full time vanlifer. Today I’m reviewing the TruTrak FMT100 asset tracker, a must-have security device for those living full time. Hint, it's fantastic!

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Key Features

Installation: Easy Self-installation by connecting 2 wires to your battery. | Contract: Pay As You Go (PAYG), no contract | Compatibility: Android, iPhone, MAC and PC | Operational Area: 176 Countries (including UK + Europe) | Features: Internal backup battery, built-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors | IP Rating: IP65 rated | Backup: Internal backup battery allows the device to work without external power source


If you’ve ever wondered what your van is up to whilst you’re not looking then you’re not alone! But installing a vehicle tracker is one of the most important security upgrades you can do.

I live in my converted Transit Van full time so everything I own in the world is inside and nothing makes me more paranoid than leaving my home unattended. Just the thought is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat! 

I thought the luxury of a vehicle tracker was well out of reach for me and my meagre budget until I stumbled across this little beauty. 

The TruTrak FMT100 sits silently in your chosen location watching over your pride and joy, guarding it like a snake with her eggs. You can choose to lengthen the fitting wires to hide the tracker deep in the shell of your vehicle or simply follow the easy installation guide and install it as suggested.

I lengthened mine, picked up an alternative permanent live feed and hid it well. So well you’ll need an angle grinder to get to it… 

My Experience With the TruTrak FMT100 Asset Tracker

My van has multiple charging facilities, solar, split charger (VSR) via the alternator and mains charger. The vans battery system is linked to the leisure system so they all get charged in turn. This caused a problem as the tracker detected the rise in power input and thought the engine was being started resulting in false alerts being issued. 

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Tracking your vehicle is simple using the easy-to-use software from TruTrak | Image Credit: TruTrak

This was rectified in about 3 minutes whilst on the phone with TruTrak. They adjusted the parameters of the tracker and now it’s sorted! The benefits of having a UK call centre with a firm that designed the software! 

I spent an hour looking around the app and website, working out how to set it up for my needs. Then it was all done! I could finally go shopping or pop to the gym (I’m joking, I don’t do the gym) or leave it unattended at the motorway services whilst I showered and gorged on Maccies without freaking out. A quick glance at the app assured me all was as it should be!

This tracker has performed excellently since installation and the customer service has been exemplary! It’s by far the best gadget I’ve bought for my van and at £35 (at time of publication) it’s an absolute bargain for invaluable peace of mind!

Here’s what TruTrak have to say:

Ready to use and easily self-installed by simply connecting to a positive and negative feed of the vehicle battery reducing costs of an engineer and allowing you to move the device between assets without hassle.

The FMT100 is a smart waterproof GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) tracker with an internal backup battery and built-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors with extremely accurate trace functionality that makes this device perfectly suitable for multiple solutions.

Used by most of the tracking companies (often rebranded to their own name for marketing reasons) this product, manufactured by the multi-award winning company Teltonika, has proven its place in the market.

Perfectly integrated into our platform this device reports every 60 seconds and every 50 degree turn thus providing the most accurate real time reporting on the market.


Full-time vanlifer and content creator Shane has been living in and working from his self-build van conversion since 2020. Shane has an alter ego, Calamity Shane. Born in ’75, Shane has been giving away free smiles ever since.


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