MaXpeedingRods ‎XMZ-D2 5KW Diesel Heater

MaXpeedingRods ‎XMZ-D2 5KW Diesel Heater

The MaXpeedingrods XMZ-D2 5KW diesel heater is a cost-effective and reliable heating solution for your campervan with advanced safety protection and ample heat output.

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Heater Power: 1 – 5KW adjustable | Fuel: Diesel | Input Voltage: DC 12V | Fuel Consumption: 0.16-0.5L/H | Operating Power Consumption: 12V/3A | Startup Consumption: 12V/10A | Heater Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +40°C | Remote Control Range: 98.42 ft (30m) | Display: LCD display | Dimensions(L x W x H): 15.34 x 6.02 x 16.34 in (39 x 15.3 x 41.5cm) | Weight: 23.15 lbs (10.5kg) | Fuel Tank Capacity: 9L


If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable heating solution for your campervan, then the MaXpeedingrods XMZ-D2 5KW Diesel Heater might be worth considering. One of Amazon’s best-selling diesel heaters, the ‎XMZ-D2 is designed to provide heating for your vehicle in cold weather, and boasts several impressive features that make it stand out from other heaters in the market.

One of the most notable features of this heater is its adjustable heating power of up to 5KW. This means that you can adjust the heater’s output to suit your specific heating needs, whether you need to warm up a small space or a larger area. Additionally, the heater operates on DC 12V input voltage, making it suitable for use with your campervan’s leisure power system.

Another impressive feature of this heater is its fuel consumption rate, which ranges from 0.16 to 0.5L/H. This means that you can use the heater for extended periods without worrying about running out of fuel quickly, and the heater’s fuel pump has high levels of accuracy and sensitivity to ensure stable fuel feeding. Additionally, the heater’s combustion chamber and base are made of aluminium, which allows for fast and uniform heat dissipation.

When it comes to safety, the MaXpeedingrods XMZ-D2 5KW diesel heater has advanced protection mechanisms against overheating, ensuring that your van is safe from potential hazards. The heater also comes with a range of accessories, including a remote control, fuel pump, fuel filter, and air filter, making installation and maintenance easier.

Another great benefit is the heater’s compact dimensions of 15.34 x 6.02 x 16.34 in (39 x 15.3 x 41.5cm), making it easy to install in most vehicles.


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