Why a Campervan Adventure Is The Perfect Post-Lockdown Holiday

Why a Campervan Adventure Is The Perfect Post-Lockdown Holiday


Thousands of people across the globe have had their holidays cancelled this year because of the lockdown. But the truth is, even when restrictions are lifted and we have the option to travel, the way we holiday is going to be drastically different for the foreseeable future.

Two-thirds of people who have had holiday plans dashed by the Coronavirus say they plan on taking a trip once lockdown restrictions ease. If you’re planning your own post-lockdown holiday, this post will show you why a campervan adventure is a perfect choice.

No Need to Fly

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
Pick your destination, and GO! – Photo via giomanfroi

Even when the lockdown restrictions ease and we’re allowed to travel abroad, there will still be a level of risk involved. Social distancing measures will be in place in airports for some time to come. But honestly, how socially distant can you stay in a metal tube filled with recirculating air?

A campervan holiday means no busy airports or the need for air travel. And you’re not limited to your home country. You can easily plan a road trip to most places around the planet and take in the sites without the need to interact with other passengers.

No Need to Check In

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
No hotels, no waiting at reception. Find your camp on the road – Photo via stichoza

Hotel check-ins are probably the worst part of a holiday. You’re limited to a specific window which usually means lugging around cases until you’re allowed in your room. But when you take a campervan, your check-in is immediate.

Just pack up your supplies and hit the road. No need to deal with check-in desks, or staring at the clock waiting for your room to become available.

Self-Isolation is Easy

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
A campervan is perfect for self-isolation – Photo via lindseyanddannyvanlife

It will be nice when lockdown restrictions ease further, and we can see the people we love more. But we’re still going to need social distancing for some time to keep that curve flat.

What better way to self-isolate than in a cosy campervan while you explore somewhere new? You don’t have to worry about running into strangers, and you can relax knowing your family is safe.

Avoid the Crowds

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
Get away from it all! – Photo via alexandra1086

When holidays are back on the cards, tourist hotspots are going to get crowded fast. If you want to avoid the crowds, a campervan allows you to find destinations off the beaten path. You can travel to quiet, peaceful spots and avoid interacting with large crowds.

And if you arrive at a destination to find it packed with people, you can drive right by and find somewhere much quieter to park up.

Take Your Pets

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
Travelling with pets…what a life! – Photo via Beelzebus

After spending weeks at home with your furry companions, the idea of taking off on holiday and leaving them behind might be a little too much shock for the system. Campervan holidays are pet-friendly so that you can bring your dog or cat along on the adventure with you. Imagine their cute little faces when they see long forest paths to explore after weeks of lockdown?

Keep in mind that if you’re renting, then not all campervan hire companies will allow pets. Make sure you hire one that’s pet-friendly to bring them along.

No Need to Rely on the Weather

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
Bad weather outside? Make is a campervan movie date! – Photo via letmetravelmore

We’ve been having some of the best weather on record these past few days in the UK. But let’s face it, you can never rely on the weather. With a campervan holiday, there is no need to rely on the weather.

If you reach a destination and there’s a storm coming in, simply drive on to the next spot and avoid it. Or spend a cosy afternoon in the campervan while you wait for the weather to clear. There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to the rain on a campervan roof.

Save Money

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
More money for adventure! – Photo via bulli.wilma

Renting a campervan can be cheaper than flying and hiring a hotel. For comparison, a campervan for the week that sleeps four can cost as little as £350.00. A week in Spain for a family of four costs an average of around £2,600.

That’s a massive difference and a considerable saving.

Food Shopping is Safe and Easy

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
Keep the costs down. Cook on the road! – Photo via noel_russ

There’s no need to walk around searching for a supermarket, only to have to book a taxi back to your hotel. You can use click and collect to do shopping, drive right up to the supermarket, and be on your way.

No social interaction required! And with thousands of supermarkets dotted around, fresh, delicious food is always within reach wherever you are on your road trip.

 Go at Your Own Pace

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
Want to have a lazy day? No problem – Photo via susicruzz

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of a campervan holiday is the freedom it gives you. There’s no rush or schedule to keep. You can go at your own pace, explore areas whenever you want, and decide at the moment where to go next.

If you fall in love with one of your stops, you can stay an extra few days. Or if you want to pack in as much sightseeing as possible, you can get back on the road straight away. It’s the only type of holiday that puts you in the driver seat (pun totally intended).

Experience the Fun of Campervans

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
There’s a world of adventure out there – Photo via cjmaddock

If you’ve never gone on a campervan holiday before, rest assured they are fun. It’s all the fun of camping with none of the hard work of setting up tents or sleeping on the ground.

Kids especially love the experience of living in a campervan, and it’s an excellent opportunity to spend time together as a family, even after spending a lot of time together during the lockdown.

Create Your Own Adventure

Vanlife Travel After Lockdown
Start your very own VanLife Adventure – Photo via michelle.lawrencee

Grab a map, choose a route, and plan your own adventure. What other holiday gives you that kind of freedom? Are there some famous landmarks you’ve always wanted to visit? Add them to your route. Is there a renowned burger joint you’ve always wanted to try? Add it in.

Fancy stargazing unobstructed by street lights? There’s no better way than with a campervan. Creating your own, personalised adventure is the whole point of a campervan holiday. And after spending months in lockdown, we could all use a little adventure.

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