2015 – 2020

“For adventurers who live and explore on the road”


Arron Murray

Founder of VanLife Adventure

I set up VanLife Adventure in 2015 when I completed my first self-build campervan.

From there, I travelled through 16 European countries covering over 7,000 miles.

In 2018, I then sold the van for a bicycle where I cycled solo a total of 4,000 miles from New York to L.A. accross the United States of America.

Right now, I am preparing for my next campervan build and the concomitant journey I will embark on. I intend to drive to the far eastern coast of Russia to a town called Vladivostok, have a quick swim in the Japanes sea, then, turn around and drive back.

You can follow me here: Arrons Adventure Journal