VanLife with Pets: 12 Couples Travelling with Pets

VanLife is a dream for so many people. But what if you’ve got pets to look after? Can you even make vanlife work with pets in tow? If you’re thinking about travelling with your furry best frien...

Why a Campervan Adventure Is The Perfect Post-Lockdown Holiday

Thousands of people across the globe have had their holidays cancelled this year because of the lockdown. But the truth is, even when restrictions are lifted and we have the option to travel, the way ...

The Hymer VisionVenture – the future of VanLife?

VanLife – it's pretty popular don't you know! More and more people all around the planet are taking on the challenge of converting panel vans into homes on wheels, then setting off on epic adventur...

14 VanLife Blogs You Need to Follow

Do you dream about dropping everything and hitting the road in a campervan? If you’re considering it, you’ll want to do a little reading and research to get prepared for life on the road. In thi...
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4x4 AWD on the side of a mountain.

Is the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4×4 the ultimate off-road camper van?

Spend any amount of time cruising a highway around the world, sooner or later, you will have a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van overtake you. There is a reason why this van is all the rage; they offer every...

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Best Portable 12V Campervan Fridge

Best 12V Portable Refrigerators [2020]

Keep your food and drink items cool while travelling in your campervan.
Campervan Conversion Sizes and Types

Campervan Sizes and Types

In this article, we take a look at all campervan size and type configurations. From average campervan size dimensions, advantages and disadvantages, and what campervan is best for your requirements.
YassidDesign: GMC Vandura

This 1980s GMC Vandura Concept Is The Van You Never Knew You Wanted

Super chunky tyres, flared arches, a roof-mounted light bar, and even a custom bumper with an integrated winch, this bad-boy GMC Vandura concept by YasidDesign is ready to take on any off-road challenge you can throw at it.