Best Campervan Diesel Heaters [2020]

Best Campervan Diesel Heaters [2020]

Post Published: October 14, 2020
Post Author: Arron
The best diesel heaters to keep you warm inside your campervan.

A diesel air heater – is one of the most practical ways to warm a campervan.

They’re super simple to operate, brilliantly efficient, extremely safe, and depending on the model you choose, very affordable.

However, it has not always been that way.

Chinese vs German 

germany vs china diesel heater

As recently as five years ago, if you wanted to fit a diesel air heater aboard your campervan, your overall choice on what model to install was rather limited. In fact, the only real choice was between a few German-made brands.  

Furthermore, because of this limited choice, a diesel air heater back then was quiet expensive; You were lucky if you got any change out of £1500, and that was just for a base model! Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for manufactures further afield (primarily China) to spot the huge demand for something a little more affordable.

Fast-forward to today, and you will now find an endless selection of diesel air heaters all over the place; all jam-packed with the features and performance you would normally expect to see on the more premium models. In fact, there are so many brands to choose from that prices have come way down. You can now purchase a Chinese made diesel air heater, including the full installation kit, for as little as £100. However, here lies the question – are these new imported Chinese-made diesel air heaters any good? Moreover, how do they compare with the more premium German-made models?

In this article, we take an extensive look into the most popular diesel air heater models and give you our recommendations on what we believe are the very best diesel air heaters you can buy in 2020.

How did we come up with our results? 

As there are so many different types of diesel air heaters now available, as well as users wanting different requirements, we have decided to split our recommendations into five individual categories.

  • Best Overall Diesel Air Heater
  • Best Budget Diesel Air Heater
  • Best Premium Diesel Air Heater
  • Best Alternate Diesel Air Heater

For each category we have listed, our team has carried out hours upon hours of extensive research.

This has involved:

  • Contacting owners directly to ask their feedback about their heating solution and/or their diesel air heater models.
  • Running numerous polls across multiple social media platforms.
  • Contacting manufacturers to ask them questions such as the materials they use in the construction of their products.
  • Extensive research into manufactures and similar products they produce.

We can now give you our fact-based recommendations on what we believe are the best diesel air heaters you can buy in 2020.

Triclicks 5kW

Make: Triclicks | Model: Air Heater (Number 1) | Made In: China | Heating Power Output: 2kW - 5kW | Power Input: 12V D.C. | Fuel: Diesel | Design Configuration: Conventional | Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 50℃ | Dimensions: 389mm x 145mm x 145mm | Weight: 7.88 | Controller: LCD Control panel | Remote Control: Yes

Where To Buy:



The Triclicks Air Heater (Number 1) - 5kW diesel air heater is Amazon UK’s best-selling Chinese-made diesel air heater; and for good reason. First listed on the marketplace at the end of 2019, this diesel air heater has gained a reputation for reliability and efficiency. Made in China, the Triclicks Air Heater (Number 1) is equipped with the type of features you would typically find on more premium models.

Weighing only 7.2 kilograms, this heater is available in a variety of colours – however, most of the time you won’t see this so were not so sure how much of a deciding factor this is. Regards heating power, this heater has a maximum heat output of 5000 watts; more than enough power to heat a large campervan efficiently.

At full power, the Triclicks uses a minimal amount of diesel fuel for combustion, as well as electricity used to operate the internal fan. It's also worth mentioning that the device is one of the quietest on our list; a welcome feature for users who like to leave the device running throughout the night.

The main operations of the heater are all done via a responsive LCD control panel. The display is bright and is multi-coloured. The information displayed on the screen is easy to read and simple to understand and the operating system is intuitive and very responsive.

Why We Recommend This Model

Although relatively new to the market, the Triclicks 5kW diesel air heater has gained a reputation for reliability and efficiency. Yes, it is one of those ‘low-cost Chinese-made diesel air heaters’ - and I am sure there are many of you will not agree with our recommendation. However, having spoken to numerous owners, as well as scraping through hundreds of comments all over the internet, this heater has an overwhelmingly positive response.

This heater is capable of providing an impressive 5000 watts of heat energy. That is more than enough heat for anything up to a large campervan. Its reliable, efficient, and low-cost – what more could you ask for?

Overall, the Triclicks Air Heater (Number 1) is an excellent diesel air heater and that is why we recommend this heater as 2020’s best overall diesel air heater for your campervan heating system.

maXpeedingrods 5kW

Make: maXpeedingrods | Model: KL58 | Made In: China | Heating Power Output: 2kW - 5kW | Power Input: 12V D.C. | Fuel: Diesel | Design Configuration: Conventional | Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 50℃ | Dimensions: 390mm x 130mm x 140mm | Weight: 8.15kg | Controller: LCD Control panel | Remote Control: Included

Where To Buy:


If you’re looking to spend as little money as possible on your diesel air heater, then the maXpeedingrods 5kW should fit the bill. The device appears to be well-made and comes in a choice of colours. 

With a maximum heat rating of 5000 watts, this diesel air heater has enough power to heat a large campervan up to a nice comfortable temperature efficiently. The heater is controlled by an intuitive control panel and appears to be well-made. The operating system is snappy that features a big and bright display.


Why We Recommend This Model 

Despite the unusual name, the maXpeedingrods stacks up pretty well when compared to other diesel heater models that cost at least twice as much. But let us just talk about the cost for one second - a diesel air heater you can purchase for under one-hundred pounds! This can’t be right, can it?

Now, it is worth mentioning that, with any item that has an unusually low cost (when compared to similar items), it is not surprising to expect a loss in quality. However, taking a look at all the comment from verified owners, as well as having a good read of all the online forums dedicated to Chinese diesel air heaters, a substantial amount of users do in-fact report that the maXpeedingrods diesel air heater is well built and works remarkably well.

The body of the is made of high-quality materials, and similar to other imported models come in a wash of fancy colours. The heating power of this particular machine is 5000 watts – so that's on the top end of the scale and should be more than enough heating power up to a large sized camper. The control panel is modern, with all the standard features you find on most diesel air heaters.

All-in-all, for the price and the good reputation, we recommend the maXpeedingrods 5kW diesel heater as the best diesel heater you can buy under £100.00

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC

Make: Webasto | Model: Air Top 2000 STC | Made In: Germany | Heating Power Output: 0.9kW - 2kW | Power Input: 12V D.C. | Fuel: Diesel | Design Configuration: Conventional | Dimensions: 311mm x 120mm x 121mm | Weight: 8.2kg | Controller: LCD Controller | Remote Control: No

Where To Buy:


The Webasto Air Top 2000 is a German-made diesel air heater that has been on the market for a number of years. So much so, that this heater is regarded as one of the most reliable diesel heaters ever made. The Air Top 2000 has become a favourite amongst professional campervan conversion companies and self-builders alike.

The device itself is constructed using premium materials and as you would expect, the build quality is exceptional. Moreover, thanks to advanced engineering, the appliance is whisper-quiet when operating at full power. Talking about power, the Air Top 2000 STC can efficiently provide up to 2000 watts of heat.

Overall, the Webasto Air Top 2000 STC will provide its owners many years of reliability.


Why We Recommend This Model:

This one was a tough call; simply because there are a few other models all offering what you want in a premium diesel air heater. However, one manufacturer has been mentioned time and time again.

Webasto, a leading manufacturer in leisure vehicle appliances, supplies heating components for thousands of vehicles around the globe. One of those appliances is the very popular diesel air heater called the Air Top 2000 STC. Available for a number of years, this heater is compact, super quiet, and made using high-quality materials.

The unit has been engineered so well, that when operating at full power, it is near-silent. Then there was the owners' feedback. Out of numerous polls on various social media platforms, and hundreds of verified user reviews on multiple online marketplaces, we recommend the Webasto Air Top 2000 STC as the best premium diesel air heater you can purchase for your campervan.


Triclicks All-In-One

Make: Triclicks | Model: Air Heater (Number 2) | Made In: China | Heating Power Output: 2kW - 5kW | Power Input: 12V D.C. | Fuel: Diesel | Weight: 10.02kg | Design Configuration: All-in-one | Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 50℃ | Dimensions: 492mm x 484mm 204mm  | Controller: Built-in LCD Control panel | Remote Control: No | Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 Litres

Where To Buy:


The Triclicks Air Heater (Number 2) is not just a diesel heater. No, its a fuel pump, fuel tank, control panel and a diesel heater, all neatly contained in one complete unit.

For users who want a no-nonsense approach when it comes to heating their campervan, the Triclicks all-in-one is your answer. Simply attach it to your vehicle, connect the exhaust and inlet pipe, and your good to go.

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