true off the grid adventure van

true off the grid adventure van



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NEW 2021 Mercedes sprinter 144 adventure van. A true adventure van equipped with 4×4, lifted, off grid solar made to let you go anywhere for as long as you want with two 200 watt solar panels on the roof consistently charging three 200 watt 12v self heating batteries kept well protected in an insulated box with charging while driving off of the alternator as well as a RV park charging port on the side. No worries about running low on water with a 40 gallon fresh water tank allowing you to take multiple showers and get rid of all those dishes left in the sink as well as a water heater with a max temp of 120 degrees you will never take a cold shower in this van. storage is no problem with space under the bed and lots of cabinets for kitchen wear. Here is a list of every thing the van also includes
-3 Renogy 12v 200w self heating batteries
-heated fully enclosed battery box
-2 Rich Mega 200w solar panels
-120v 3000w inverter
-Alternator charging front and rear batteries
-RV park 30amp 120v port (comes with cord and adapter for home outlets)
-4 120v outlets on 20amp breakers
-12v breaker panel
-120v AC breaker panel
-12v AC unit
-6 dimmable 12v puck lights
– 2 dimmable 12v puck lights in garage space
-Ambient lighting strip over shower (bluetooth)
-12v LPG instant hot water heater 120 degrees max (sink and shower)
-Duel propane cook top
-12v Max air circulation fan
-Dometic 25L bluetooth fridge
-12v water pump
-12v espar M2 diesel heater with thermostat
-40 gal fresh water tank with heater
-2 20 gal gray water tanks under van
-sink hot and cold
-full size shower hot and cold
-2 custom cut resin counter tops
-driver/passenger swivel seats
-custom cushions made for bench
-custom mattress with bed extension
-premium maple slat ceiling
-safe and sound wool insulation
-foam insulated floor under vinyl flooring
-premium maple walls all around
-side step driver,passenger and sliding read
-4×4 with low range
-360 degree reverse camera with sensors
-bluetooth stereo with steering wheel control
-heated leather seats
-4 key fobs
-Side ladder to roof
-Prinsu roof rack

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March 2024
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