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Stealth Campervan / Mobile Office / Work Space

2008 -
Ford Transit Trend L2, H2
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Frieth -

Campervan Description

2008 Ford Transit FWD 2198cc Diesel Trend
Medium Wheel Base, Medium Height
Miles 121,860, although we are currently touring Scotland so that will increase slightly by the time we get home later in August.
MOT Expires 17 July 2023
Cruise Control, Electric Mirrors, Factory Hands Free Bluetooth Phone

The van is 5.2m long overall and fits into most supermarket car parking spaces.
Being FWD it sits about 100mm lower than a more common RWD version and measures about 2.300m high overall (including roof vent) and fits under most height restrictions (but not all obviously).

After installation of insulation, floors and ceilings, the living space internal dimensions are:-

• Standing height , 1.68m, or 5’ 6”.
• Length, 2.82m
• Width, 1.73m.
• The bed spans the width so the bed is also 1.73m long, or 5’ 8”.

The van has been converted to be camper and mobile office/work space.

Our intention was to create a high specification, compact and very stealthy campervan.

It is suitable for long term comfortable living, remote working, working in cities/urban environments.

All appliances are electric, there is no need for gas.

To be absolutely clear all electric appliances can work from the house batteries and do not need shore power to operate, although there is also a shore power hook-up.

It is quite normal for us to, heat up soup in the microwave, bake a pie (or pizza) in the oven, sauté vegetables on the induction hob, have ice cream for dessert, while watching a movie on the 40” Android TV for a couple of hours, and only use about 30% of the available 200Ah battery capacity. (Noting that the combination microwave/convection oven and the induction hob cannot be used at the same time, this is simply too much for the 2000W invertor. However, in this scenario the oven will keep the pie hot while you sauté the vegetables).

The van’s alternator can charge the house batteries at 50A, so an hour’s driving will charge the batteries about 50Ah, or 25% of the batteries’ 200Ah capacity.

The solar panels will charge the batteries 25-40Ah during the day depending on the amount of sun. (There is room on the roof to double the number of solar panels if required, so potentially increasing this to 50-80Ah per day).

The whole electrical system can be monitored on your phone using the Renogy app. You can see the State of Charge (SoC) of each battery, amount of charge from the alternator and/or solar, and the current drain when using appliances.

The shore power hook-up by-passes the invertor allowing you to use the oven and the hob at the same time.

Starting from the top down the van has (all of these items were purchased between May and June 2022):-

Central roof vent with fan.

2 x Renogy 100W flexible solar panels. There is enough room on the roof to upgrade this to a total of 4 x 100W panels, (RNG-100DB-H-UK).

Renogy 50A DC to DC and MPPT charge controller, (RBC50D1S).

Renogy 2000W pure sine wave invertor, (R-INVT-PUH1-201235-UK).

Renogy circuit breakers, (SUNDCCB-UK).

Shore power connection to invertor by-pass.

2 x Renogy 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Bluetooth batteries, (RBT100LFP12-BT-UK).

Vitrifrigo C51i, 51 litre 12V Fridge Freezer.

A total of 4 x LED reading spot lamps located at both ends of each bench seat/head board. These can be individually operated and rotated to suit.

A total 6 x LED recessed ceiling mounted down lights in 3 separate circuits containing 2 lights each. Two of the circuits (over the bed/table and entrance/foyer) are dimmable and 2 way, meaning they can be operated from bed, or turned on from entering the sliding door, or from the passenger seat. The third circuit is dedicated to over the Kitchen area.

A total of 5 x 240v sockets with USB sockets, the combination microwave oven is hard wired and has its own isolation switch.

Ikea single portable induction hob, Tillreda.

Sharp 25 litres, 900 W, Combination Convection Oven, Grill and Flatbed Microwave, (R861SLM).

Sharp 40 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart Android TV, (40BL5KA). This TV is also used as a monitor and is mounted on a wall bracket capable of 600mm extension over the table/desk and rotation forward and aft.

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 165 Portable Camping Toilet, the toilet fits nicely under one of the bench swabs and can be used either while the table or bed is set up. This item remains currently unused and untouched by human buttocks!

Various Ikea kitchen units, Metod base units with soft closing draws and doors, Saljan work top, Boholmen sink and washing up bowl and Ikea waste pipe system. Caravan style pop-out locking knobs have been added to the cabinets to prevent them opening while driving.

Under the kitchen sink is a 25 litre fresh water tank and Whale submersible pump which is activated by the kitchen tap.

There is a 25 litre grey water tank slung under the vehicle (not inside where they can smell, or worse, overflow).

Ikea Asvang 12cm firm mattress, which has been divided up into 4 swabs that form the seat cushions and bed.

Duvet, covers, pillows and camping chairs are included in the sale.

Gas Safety Certificate

Not Applicable

Electrical Safety Certificate

Not Applicable

Key Details
Belted Seats
Vehicle Details
Conversion Type
Campervan Type
Off Grid
Vehicle Size
Fuel Type
Engine Capacity
2200 (cc)
MOT / Inspection
Previous Owners
Van Width
1.9 (m)
Van Height
2.3 (m)
Van Length
5.2 (m)
Total Gross Weight
2300 (kg)

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