Wings, the Dream Camper Van








Wings, the Dream Camper Van

1988 -
Ford E150 Hi-Top Camper Van
No Offers
Grand Rapids -

Campervan Description

This iconic 1988 Ford E150 is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Other than two small rust spots, the body is in incredible shape (has only seen one winter ever), the mechanics are incredibly solid, and the interior has been completely redone top to bottom by a professional woodworker. It features an outdoor shower, nature’s head composting toilet, gas range and for full price I’ll even throw in the portable Mr. Buddy heater and Yeti Cooler.

If you’re looking for a camper van that sings Tom Petty and Hoizer, makes the best sunrise coffee, and automatically veers toward the coast, Wings is your guy. How about a comfortable sofa / bed conversion, exquisite hardwood interior, and a completely smell-less composting toilet? Why is it named Wings you ask? Because your soul will take a deep breath and smile when you spread your wings and slide into the plush-covered captain’s chair in this 1988 Ford E-150.

Interior entirely refinished by a master woodworker, featuring sapele panels and hardwood. It has room to sleep two adults, or potentially two adults and one small child (or a four-legged friend), kitchen set up with working stove and sink, area for a cooler and private toilet area with collapsable curtains. The bench seat pulls out into a bed and the top loft also slides out, making easy beds for you each to have your separate sleeping space. Also, if you want your friends to meet up with you for the day, both the captain’s chairs turn around to make a cozy living room seating for four. The vehicle comes equipped with a marine battery and plenty of receptacles for your devices and an exterior shower head connected to a pump and a 18-gallon fresh water tank. The exterior is about iconic as a vehicle can get, with custom racks for surfboards or paddle boards, and I promise you’ll get nods of affirmation and shaka signs until you end your day watching the sunset with some local brews. The mechanics on this vehicle are in incredible shape. The 351 Windsor is a performance engine, well loved for how durable and powerful it is. New batteries, new alternator, only 121K miles. The engine is carbourated for maximum performance and it handles the open road like a dream.

CONS – This is a very small list, but important things to know. This vehicle does not have cruise control or AC. The compressor has been removed (though it could be reinstalled) and also the cruise control linkage is no longer attached. It wore after years of use, and I worked for a long time to find a replacement, but kept striking out. Other than that, the vehicle does end up having quirks but it is a solid, beautiful, and iconic spectacle.


Gas Safety Certificate

Not Applicable

Electrical Safety Certificate

Not Applicable

Key Details
Belted Seats
Vehicle Details
Motor Caravan
Conversion Type
Campervan Type
Vehicle Size
Fuel Type
Engine Capacity
800 (cc)
MOT / Inspection
Not Present
Previous Owners
Van Width
2 (m)
Van Height
3.1 (m)
Van Length
5.5 (m)
Total Gross Weight
4500 (kg)

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