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What I need for running water

When it came to plumbing water in the van, you should do thorough research when designing your system. This might be a job more for a professional but I will try to list everything I have done in my van here.

Here is a list of all the items I have purchased that I will be installing in the van;

• Water tank.
• 12mm Red & Blue water hose.
• Inline Water Filter
• Water pump & expansion tank.
• LPG water heater.
• Sink tap & shower mixer.
• All the fitting + wiring & fuse box

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Step by step to running water

Fresh Watertank

Blue Water

When it came to picking the right tank for the van, it all came down to the limited locations that was available to install the tank.

At first, I removed the spare tyre and the mount from the underneath of the rear of the van and attached a bracket that would now hold the tyre on the back door. I was then going to install the grey water tank here.

Located on the driver’s side of the van, around half down the van was a space just big enough to fit a 55-litre water tank I found on eBay. The tank is secured by 4 long threaded bolts that go through the floor, around the 4 corners of the tank. I have also braced the bolts with steel plates to add extra


• Watertank – (900mm x 300mm x 300mm) (W.H.D.)
• 4 inlet fittings.
• 3 x 1/2 BSP female inlets.
• 1 x 2 in BSP Female inlet.

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Water Pump and Expansion Tank

Shurflo Water Pump

After doing some good research, I think in my circumstance this is by far the best water pump for the job. This pump will give you a water flow around 7 litres a minuet which is more than enough for what I need. Another good benefit of this water pump is that it’s an intelligent pump!

Basically, what that means is it will always keep the water under slight pressure (which you can adjust). Once the pump detects that there has been a drop in pressure, like when you open a tap, the pump kick back in!

Fiamma Water Expansion Tank

After the water goes through the pump, it can often come out in a slight pulse. This is where the Fiamma Expansion Tank comes in. The tank will give you a nice smooth water flow.

Once again, through proper research found that one of the best you can buy is the Fiamma. Oh, and it helps maintain and extend your water pump, a well worth purchase.

Shurflo In Line Water Filter

So now you have the water coming from the tank heading towards the water pump you want to make sure no debris gets sucked up from the tank that could damage the water pump. I installed a Shurflo Inline Water Filter that is connected on the incoming feed from the water tank to the pump that should hopefully stop any unwanted debris getting through.

The filter is a very good product screwing directly onto the water pump, with the filter inside being a steel mesh that is very easy to clean. It also has a translucent cap lets you see if there has been any debris filtered. Simply screw the filter cap off, put in a bowl of warm water and wash the filter out to clean. Simply screw it back on and you’re done. It only takes around 5 minuets.


Shurflo Water Pump 7 l/min 20 psi 12V
Fiamma Water Expansion Tank Acumalator A20
Shurflo In Line Water Filter – 1/2″ BSP Male Pipe

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Pipes and Fittings

12mm Food Grade Hose’s

When it came around to choosing what kind of pipes I was going to install in the van, you have a lot of options out there.
I could go through them all and there pros and cons, but to be honest, I think they are all as good as each other so its down to your personal preference.

I chose to go with flexible blue and red hose’s that are trusted by thousands of conversions around the world. I personally think for my use these are the best option as the price is cheap, they are easy to fit and once fitted, they are quite secure.


When it came to connecting the hot and cold hose pipes to one and another, I used standard internal barbed fittings that are secured with jubilee clips. As the hose had a bore of 8mm, its quiet simple to find the right connectors pretty cheap.

Food Grade 12mm – Red – Water Hose
Food Grade 12mm – Blue – Water Hose
Barb Connector Elbows – Various Sizes

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Time to get steamy!

So now I have the basics in, I need a way to give me hot water. Once again, there are a few options out there, but for my own conversion I think this is the best route.

The LPG Boiler

So just a quick guide on how they work.

The boiler itself looks like your standard home boiler, but is about quarter of the size. It has 2 inlets, one for the gas feed and the one for the cold-water feed, then an outlet feed for the hot water as well as flu located at the top of the boiler which must be vented to the outside to prevent any carbon-monoxide build up which could lead to poisoning and death.

Remember, carbon-monoxide can and DOES kill, get yourself a good loud carbon-monoxide alarm and make sure you have plenty of ventilation points! Check your alarm weekly.

How the LPG boiler process works

When you open the tap the pump kicks in starting the water flow. The boiler detects that water is flowing through the system from the cold-water inlet. A battery located on the LPG tank powers up the water tank opening a gas valve that allows the gas to flow into the gas chamber that then ignites the gas in the boiler. This in turn heats the boiler heating the internal copper pipes that contain the cold water like a typical home boiler system.

The water then leaves the tank still under pressure back to the shower or sink tap…bingo, you have hot water!


In my eyes, the best you can get.

Portable Tankless Water Heater and Shower

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Water Tips!

Tips to be added soon.

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